Fortnite Team Banned From Major Tournament After Player Tells Epic Exec To Kill Himself

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I don’t know much about Fortnite, but I’m going to guess harassing an Epic executive probably isn’t a winning strategy.


A Fortnite competitor named Wrigley tested this controversial technique on Saturday night, tagging Epic chief creative officer Donald Mustard in a tweet that read “literally fucking k!ll your$elf” for some undisclosed reason. Several letters were replaced by symbols in an apparent attempt to avoid triggering Twitter’s auto-moderation against such threats, but the account has since been deleted anyway.

While shitty in its own right, Wrigley’s tweet came right before he and teammates Dictate and Userz were scheduled to participate in the Fortnite Champion Series grand finals for the NA East region, a major event for which they had managed to qualify after weeks of competition. When Wrigley was banned from the tournament, Dictate and Userz were as well, leaving all three in the cold as the rest of the field played for a piece of the almost $700,000 prize pool over the weekend.

“Just played this whole season for $0 oh my fucking god,” Dictate wrote on Twitter shortly after sharing the email from Epic explaining his team’s disqualification.

“I wish we would be able to have an opportunity for an emergency sub,” Userz added. “What Wrigley did was completely out of our control and we put endless amount of time into the game for a chance at life-changing money.”

According to information provided to Polygon, Wrigley has promised to compensate Dictate and Userz in some way to make up for the ban.

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Nah, why are the team mates getting compensated? More people need to be held accountable in the gaming community and with a small team like that it’s highly likely those two dismissed or even joined in on toxic behavior. if you can’t keep your friends/team mates in check, that’s on you to deal with or give them the boot.