Fall Guys Season 4 Kicks Off March 22

fall guys season 4
Screenshot: Mediatonic / YouTube

Not even time can erode the irrepressible cheer of face-planting beans. The futuristic fourth season of Fall Guys kicks off on March 22, developer Mediatonic announced today.


Set in 4041—which totally explains the absence of humans—the new season will introduce seven new rounds to the platformer royale. One of them, Skyline Stumble, will have anti-gravity elements. The season is appropriately fluorescent, adding a wardrobe of neon-soaked costumes on top of the already overwhelming pastel panache of Fall Guys. The future looks a whole lot like the 1980s.

Here’s a trailer, which (spoilers) also makes a nod to Among Us, another smash-hit game from last year:

In case you’re wondering, the song in the background is “The Video Game Champion” by Gunship, the best ‘80s band that never existed in the ‘80s.

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Staff Writer, Kotaku


I really can’t wait for the Switch version. (Hopefully it doesn’t suck)

Thanks to Animal Crossing, I have a ton of more casual gamer friends with switches who I think are gonna have a lot of fun with this game.