Hitman 3 Trailer Shows Off The Trilogy In Irresistibly Goofy VR

Gif: IO Interactive

The Hitman series does a great job walking a fine line between very serious murder heisting and utterly ridiculous physics simulator. This juxtaposition is on perfectly display in the new Hitman 3 trailer showing off the game’s VR mode.


For those not content to meddle in the lives of strangers in third-person, Hitman 3, as well as the previous two games, will be playable in VR for those who have access to a PlayStation VR headset. This enables you to try blending in while flailing your VR arms around like someone drunk at a party.

The game looks extra atmospheric in this heightened first-person point-of-view, and at times extra absurd, like when enemies don’t seem to spot you out of the corner of their eye, or while slamming a grand piano cover on an old lady’s head.

If you already have a PSVR headset and a PS4, playing Hitman 3 VR is straightforward enough. If you’ve upgraded to PS5, you’ll need to use the PS4 version of the game (which comes free with the PS5 version) and have requested a special PSVR adapter for the next-gen hardware directly from Sony. A bit complicated, but worth it if you really want to feel like you’re stepping into the shoes of a clownish serial killer.

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