Control's Messy Next-Gen Upgrade Delayed To Next Year

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The controversial PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Control won’t be out until sometime in “early 2021,” Remedy Entertainment announced today.


“We want the final quality of the game to be awesome, and so we need a bit more time to work on it,” the studio wrote on Twitter. Control will of course still be playable on next-gen hardware thanks to backwards compatibility. There it will likely perform better than the occasionally jittery PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Today’s delay is the latest turn in what has become next-gen hardware’s weirdest port. Rather than update existing copies of Control for PS5 and Xbox Series X, publisher 505 has required players to purchase the new $40 Ultimate Edition released over the summer which contains both of the game’s post-launch expansions.

505 also hasn’t supplied any way for those who already own the original version of Control to simply pay a nominal upgrade fee to unlock the next-gen version either. Meanwhile, many other games, ranging from new ones like Watch Dogs Legion to old ones like The Witcher 3, are getting next-gen upgrades for free.

On the bright side, the delay gives the publisher more time to re-evaluate its confusing next-gen upgrade policy.

Either Way You Should Probably Play Control:


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One thing that surprised me was that the physical copy of Ultimate Edition had everything on disc (on PS4). I was expecting the base game, along with a code to redeem the DLC and next gen version.

Also, it seems like they’re not stocking very many copies in store.  Both the Gamestop and Best Buy in my area only had one copy each.