Doom Eternal Patch Adds Hidden Reference To Popular VTuber

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Inugami Korone is a lot of things. She’s a cute anime girl. She’s a dog. She’s one of the most popular VTubers—a subset of YouTube personalities who stream with virtual avatars—on the internet. And now, she’s an Easter egg in Doom Eternal.


After applying the most recent Doom Eternal patch, players can find a peculiar new secret on the game’s Rune menu by pressing the chainsaw button (Square on PlayStation 4, X on Xbox One, and C on PC) four times. This brings up a slightly altered version of the Doom Eternal logo, which now says “Doog Eternal,” a reference to Korone and her fanbase.

Bethesda / Gaming on PC (YouTube)

Korone has more recently garnered attention for streams where she speaks English as much as possible while struggling through the original Super Mario Bros., but a few months back, she took YouTube by storm for her playthrough of the 2016 Doom reboot. The combination of the game’s over-the-top violence and a cute, cackling avatar spawned some amazing compilations, many of which refer to Korone as the “Doog Slayer” due to her subtly canine appearance.

Bethesda / Korone / Chronakai (YouTube)

I don’t want to like this but goddamn if I can’t help but smile a bit every time Korone uses the BFG-9000 in Doom or makes a mistake in Super Mario Bros. Much like with those Animal Crossing crossovers from earlier this year, there’s just something special about mixing the cute with the overly brutal.

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VTubers, specifically all things HoloLive, are currently rocketing up the front of Reddit and I don’t know what to do.  KOTAKU!  PLEASE MAKE A GUIDE TO VTUBER FANDOM SO I KNOW EITHER WHAT TO DO OR WHAT TO AVOID