Sega Is Releasing A Mashup Of Yakuza And Streets of Rage 2

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Streets of Kamurocho is Streets of Rage 2 starring Yakuza’s Kiryu and Majima and will be free-to-play on October 17 as part of Sega’s 60th Anniversary event on Steam.


In addition to iconic Yakuza characters, the remixed beat ‘em up, created by Empty Clip Studios, will also feature levels inspired by the games and will have local co-op. Seeing it in action feels like coming across a beautiful fan-made prototype, except this one is real and won’t get hit with a copyright takedown notice.

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You’ll only have until October 19 to download the game, but once you do you can keep it forever.

Sega also announced a number of other retro mini-games coming out this week:

  • Armor of Heroes (Relic Entertainment) - A top-down four-player tank combat game available October 15-19.
  • Endless Zone (Amplitude Studios) - A Fantasy Zone-style side-scrolling shooter based in Amplitude’s Endless universe available October 16-19.
  • Golden Axed (Sega) - A restored build of an old, cancelled Golden Axe project available October 18-19.

In addition, you can link your Steam account to Sega’s website to get a free copy of NiGHTS into Dreams.

Correction: Streets of Kamurocho was actually developed by Empty Clip Studios.

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That’s a dope Yakuya Demake! Sega needs to make a whole series of these!