Nearly Every Super Mario Game Posing For A Family Photo

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Image: Nintendo

In case you’ve ever wanted to see it, here is every major game from the Super Mario series (and some spin-offs), all gathered together for a beautiful group shot.

So yes, that’s why Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Kart aren’t there, which despite the names aren’t members of the Super Mario platforming family.

(It doesn’t explain why poor Super Mario Galaxy 2 is missing here as well though! -Ed)


Nintendo’s social media team put it together as part of the 35th birthday celebrations, and if nothing else it’s a reminder that there are few things in video games as beautiful as Japanese packaging.

Update: 09/04/20, 08:54: The headline has been changed to reflect the gaps in the collection.

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Shardik The Man Bear

Am I blind or is there now super mario kart?