How's It Going? Clutter Edition

An accurate representation of the author’s living room.
An accurate representation of the author’s living room.
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What is all this crap? Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I am currently dealing with an overabundance of stuff issue in my living space. There are too many things. Boxes, books, medical supplies, cats, children—there’s too much stuff. Our landlord recently decided that, after seven years of on-time rent payments, too much stuff is a problem that must be addressed before I can sign a new lease, so some family helpers and I have spent several days moving, storing, and throwing out stuff. Will it be enough? I have no idea. That’s what makes it so exciting. Yay.


So how’s your stuff? How’s it going?

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Faux Bravo

Clutter is something I’ve spent the last five years or so slowly trying to get rid of. I seem to move fairly often, though less in the past few years, so I was always trying to make moving easier. And to save money. Lots of clutter usually equates to a bunch of money I spent on what’s basically junk.

So I stopped buying collectibles. I kept a few Funko Pops and some other random junk. LEGOs are still about, though most of them I dismantle once I’m done. At some point the old sets will probably get donated or given to friends with kids.

I just don’t like having a ton of crap around. I’m not always the cleanest person, but generally I don’t like messes. And especially in my current living situation, I just don’t have a lot of space.

Exceptions include Blu Rays, which I justify because I actually watch them a lot—though having hundreds is starting to really eat up space—books, which I’m grappling with the thought of getting rid of most of them since I almost never reread, and records, which I am also mulling over getting rid, because I like them, but I just don’t use them much. And they’re such a pain to move. Heavy and fragile, a lovely combinaton.

Still playing Skyrim! I’m getting smited by dragons and cultists left and right. Basically everything beyond bandits is too high level for me. I almost cleared some vampire den, but then the master at the end destroyed me. RIP that incarnation of Lydia.

I also just picked up West of Deead because it’s on sale and westerns are few and far between. It looks fun, though it has mixed reviews. We’ll see.