How's It Going?: Lost Edition

Hidden Folk
Hidden Folk
Screenshot: Adriaan de Jongh / Steam

It’s a very rainy Tuesday! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I stayed up far too late last night looking for a document from my past that I don’t think I have anymore but I know I wouldn’t have purposefully thrown away. I could clearly picture it folded up and shoved into some book, which led to me tearing through books I still have from that time period to see if it was in one of them. It wasn’t a very important document, but the search for it drove me crazy. I always find it kind of fun to retrace my past steps, trying to recreate my personality from the time and be like “OK, what book from a decade ago would past me have considered important enough to put something in?” No dice, alas, though I did find several pages of notes from an undergraduate Buddhism class, which were fun to read through. College me was so pretentious.


So that’s my day; how about you? How’s it going?



I’m having a little mini-freakout about continuing to not have a job today. It’s not nearly to the level of panic attack or anything like that; it’s more that I’m calling myself a fucking idiot more often and louder when I make mistakes. I’ve been talking to a therapist lately, but haven’t gotten to the point that I’m comfortable enough to tell her about this kind of stuff, because being involuntarily hospitalized for this and/or suicidal ideation is literally a nightmare that I’ve had. Besides that, it’s not life-threatening, just a sort of ankle weight on my day. Happy times!

The weather has also been perfect around Chicago (thanks tropical storm!): cool, lots of clouds but very little coverage, and breezy. Basically, ideal t-shirt-and-jeans weather. I could take this every damn day

Riley, did you ever fix the beep? I posted a video to that article that fixed my PS4 immediately; it went from beeping literally constantly to not beeping at all, and unlike a lot of other fixes you’ll find, I can still insert discs. Happy to repost if needed!