How's It Going?: Morning Edition

The Long Dark
The Long Dark
Screenshot: Hinterland/Kotaku

Welcome to Wednesday—we’re halfway there!—and welcome back to our daily open thread.


I’ve been up since 5am covering the new Fortnite season, because it is my job to get up at such ungodly hours to play video games. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person, but I can never quite pull it off with the enthusiasm becoming such a person requires. Still, it’s always so nice and quiet in the mornings, and the day feels like it has so much potential. “I should do this more,” I always think when I get up early, and then a few hours later I regret every choice I’ve ever made in life. At least there’s coffee!

If you’re a morning person, what’s your secret? How’s it going?



I would not say I am entirely a “morning person” as I definitely like a day where I have time to sleep in, but I probably get my best work done in the morning hours. We are having classic NW summer right now where it storms and rains in the morning and then is absolutely gorgeous in the afternoon, which makes it even harder to get work done later in the day once the sun comes out.

Distractions: I got a new game for my birthday, although it was not any of the ones I was asking for so that was kind of a surprise. Someone got me the complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn, which I had played a little of on someone else’s PS4 before now and liked it then. With all the native people’s voices I have been hearing at protests and from Capitol Hill speakers recently, I appreciated the whole introduction a lot more than I probably would have a couple months ago. I was just dubbed a seeker and am excited to get out there and see some larger robo-dino-fauna!