How's It Going?: Even More Books Edition

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Good morning! I ate pie for breakfast. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

One of my first entries in this series was about books you were reading. I am ashamed to say that, months into the pandemic, my books list has only grown. I’ve found it really hard to concentrate on reading (as well as, let’s be honest, anything else). This is a bummer, because I have so many books to read: The contents for next year’s Best American Food Writing were just announced, which reminded me I never finished last year’s. I still haven’t read a book about daily life in utopian communes I need to read for research. I had been saving last year’s Pulitzer Prize-winning The Overstory for a trip I was supposed to take, but that trip has long been cancelled and I still haven’t cracked the book. For shame, me!

What are you, uh, not reading? How’s it going?

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Well lets see, my work takes our temps when we arrive, and I tripped two seperate thermometers at around the absolute minimum fever of 100.4, had one weird read 5 minutes later of 99.8, followed by 100.3 about an hour later so i got sent home and told get cleared by a doctor, or wait 3 days for symptoms to go. Went to doctors, my temp was perfect (bp kinda high though) and doctor saw nothing wrong, but I had to be tested anyway (FUCK that cotton swab) and can’t go back until i get the results (tomorrow) at minimum.

So that sucks, and I don’t have my works current phone number to call them (but i do have my managers so I can blow her phone up for it if necessary).

So i’ll probably spend today kicking around PSO2 (JP because i don’t have an xbox and we still don’t know when NA pc launchers other than the next two weeks”) and leading the mighty Kroq-Gar to victory for the old ones in TW2.

Was trying my damndest to get in to Dragon Quest XI,, its just i don’t like the art style and it just seems so stock standard fantasy JRPG. It may be hit or miss, but I have a better appreciation for the fact that Final Fantasy is willing to take some drastic risks with the formula over its 15 main line enteries.