How's It Going?: Grooming Edition

“Simpson and Delilah”
“Simpson and Delilah”
Screenshot: The Simpsons/Disney+

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I’ve been growing a beard since mid-December, and this weekend I tried to trim it myself because it had gotten far too long and scraggly. I watched a lot of YouTube videos about how to do this before attempting it, but of course it didn’t go as expected. A 6 guard on my buzzers didn’t seem to do anything, so I swapped down to a 5, which did, bizarrely, too much, so it’s quite a bit shorter than I was intending to go. It’s not a bad thing necessarily, and it’ll grow back, but I’m a little bummed. I didn’t do a great job—trying to clean up the lines and trim the flyaways kept making things worse until I decided to just give up—but I’m hoping the fuzziness of my laptop camera will hide the worst of it.

There’s been a lot of talk of quarantine haircuts—for the first time, I’m grateful I’ve been shaving my head for a few years, so my routine isn’t too disrupted in that regard. In terms of personal appearance, I’m torn between enjoying the freedom to look like I’ve just wandered out of the woods and trying to work a little harder to remind myself to take a shower or change my shirt. Being too scruffy for too long can definitely be a drain on my self-esteem.

How are you keeping yourself presentable these days? How’s it going?

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Faux Bravo

More annoying than beard or hair trimming/cutting is trying to get my sideburns to be the same length when I don’t have a beard. Ugh.

I’ve been cutting my own hair for about ten years now. In an epic and eternal struggle to be more lazy, it became worth it to do it myself and free up a little more time. Fuck making appointments, driving to said appointment, waiting at the barber, describing how they should cut my hair, making small talk (ugh), and then driving back. If you’re lucky, all this is only an hour or so. And you have to pay for it? No thanks. I’ll do it myself.

If I screw up, it’ll grow out. Plus I wear a hat most of the time anyway. It makes washing my hair difficult, but I really like my hat.

Also, while I’m not necessarily in head-shaving territory yet, my hair has thinned significantly in the last couple of years. It’s still thick enough to pull off, buuuuut I should probably just bite the bullet. Shaving is easier than cutting anyway. But then you have to do it way more often. And again, lazy!

I beat the first Uncharted yesterday evening. Man, what a good game. That was probably the third, maybe fourth time I’ve beaten it. The only thing it really has going against it all these years later is that the plants look really fake. Nathan Drake sure had an exciting adventure on an island with a plastic jungle.

Onward to Uncharted 2! I think I’ve only beaten that one twice. No spoilers please.