How's It Going?: Blankets Edition

“PT Cruiser Nap Series”
“PT Cruiser Nap Series”
Photo: feverblue (Creative Commons)

Get comfy, grab a nice drink, and start chatting with us in our daily open thread.

According to my calendar, we should be feeling the nice mild weather of Spring. Instead though, at least over here in Kansas, I am dealing with cold temps and lots of wet days filled with scary amounts of wind. It sucks, is what I’m saying.

But I have blankets and they make these days much more tolerable. There are few things in life as simple and as nice as having everything you need next to you while curled up under a big blanket on a couch. For me, that means I have my phone, a nice drink, my remote to my Roku TV, a back scratcher, and laptop next to me while I relax under a warm blanket. There’s usually a cat on my blanket too. I don’t mind. I’m getting sleepy just typing this...


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How’s it going? My GF is playing a lot of Final Fantasy 13 lately. She never finished it before. Are you finishing up any old games in your backlog? Or maybe cooking up new meals or recipes? Or just napping? Napping is fine too.

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Greysun M.

It’s also been very wet and cold and windy here in Chicago but I’ve been making my way through God of War (2018) for the first time and having a blast with it. Don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s a point in the game that hearkens back to old God of War and it’s pretty badass, ain’t gonna lie.