What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Screenshot: Steam

The weekend is for making apple butter out of my abundance of farm share apples, just in time to get more apples and have to figure out what to do with those. It’s also for playing video games.


I went on a rant about how great Euro Truck Simulator 2 is to a Jalopnik colleague this week, which has got me hankering to play. Driving around virtual cities feels like a nice treat these days. I’m also still on the Fortnite grind, hoping to get that butch cat skin before the season ends.

What about you? What are you playing this weekend?


Animal Crossing is part of my daily routine, so that obviously. Then I’ve also started playing Diablo III on Switch, which it makes a pretty good handheld game. I also need to finish Celeste, which I am halfway through.

Going to download Cities: Skylines, since it’s on PS+ this month, to the living-room PS4 for the husbear. It’ll probably run/look better on the PS4 than his Macbook Air. Not sure if he’ll like playing with a controller, but it’s free so we’ll see.

Aside from that I’ve been thinking about finally starting RE2 Remake (no not a typo, I still need to play 2). I’ve also been tempted to throw KOTOR into my Xbox One and play that.