Need For Speed Series Returns To Criterion As EA Repurposes Ghost Games Studio

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Following a four-game run with Swedish developer Ghost Games starting with 2013’s Rivals, the Need for Speed series is back in the hands of Burnout developer Criterion Games.

According to a Games Industry report, Ghost Games, the subsidiary formerly known as EA Gothenburg, is reverting to its original name and being repurposed as an engineering hub supporting other EA studios. A source close to the situation tells Kotaku that developers in the Ghost Games Romania branch are being absorbed into other studios sharing their building, while the Ghost Games team in the UK will join UK-based Criterion in continuing work on Need for Speed.

While many Ghost Game employees are being absorbed by other teams, EA told Games Industry it is still seeking roles for 30 non-engineering positions at the Gothenburg location. According to EA the change from Sweden-based Ghost Games to UK-based Criterion was due to difficultly recruiting talent in Gothenburg compared to Guildford, a major development hub.


Criterion’s previous work on the Need for Speed series includes 2010’s Hot Pursuit and 2012’s Most Wanted, two of the best games in the series. Ghost Games’ most recent work was Need for Speed: Heat, a game I keep forgetting came out in November. This seems like a very good move for the series.

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Please for the love of God, let this be a return to more arcadey racing. Nothing from a big studio seems to be doing it anymore. I mean, I guess there's the Crew 2, which is fine, but just not the same. I just want to have fun man.