There's A New Official Mobile Tetris

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EA and Popcap’s popular Tetris Blitz is shutting down in April, but do not fret. There is another. Available today on iOS and Android, the simply named Tetris is as straightforward a block-dropping puzzle game as you can get. At least for now.


Created by game company N3twork as part of a multi-year partnership with the Tetris Company, this new version of Tetris launches with just a simple single-player game mode. There are five different themes, including a nostalgia-inducing 8-Bits Game Boy theme, but otherwise it’s just plain Tetris. Well, Tetris with annoying-as-shit ads you can pay $4.99 to disable.

It’s basic stuff right now, but N3twork has plans to add additional gameplay modes and features in the near future. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes the new Tetris Blitz.

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I feel like Frodo in Back to the Future 2 when he sees video games were played with hands, but after Tetris in VR and Tetris 99, regular run of the mill Tetris seems like a baby’s toy.