Twitch Streamer Sentenced After Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend During Game

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Last year, Fortnite streamer Luke “MrDeadMoth” Munday was heard assaulting his then-pregnant girlfriend during a stream in front of the pair’s two children. After being arrested in December 2018, he was sentenced earlier this week and found guilty of a “single count of common assault (domestic violence).

As Kotaku Australia reports, he has been handed a “14-month community corrections order, which in the Australian state of New South Wales where the hearing took place basically means community service.

During Munday’s sentencing, his defense lawyer said, “He’s a loving, caring person with no history of domestic violence.. who unfortunately on this day just slapped his partner.” The lawyer’s use of the word “just” and his pleas for a more lenient sentence drew what the ABC describe as a “sharp rebuke” from the judge.


Since the assault took place, Munday has lost his job and separated from his partner.

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If you raise your hand to your partner (absent a credible/believable threat of imminent deadly or maiming force issuing from them first, anyway), you’re a piece of shit.

Full fucking stop.

I try to be understanding and open-minded on most things; life is complicated, and the world vast—there are many paths through it that are different from those that I have chosen to walk.

But if you hit your partner, you’re human fucking garbage.

There’s just no excuse for it, ever.

We all get frustrated. My wife and I have had arguments, and there have been times when we’ve raised our voices a bit, but we never even get to the level of shouting at each other.

I cannot conceive of a situation in which I’d be so furious that I’d hit my wife. If it got to the level that I needed to strike something, I’d leave the goddamned house and go to the gym, and beat the shit out of the heavy bag for a bit before immediately seeking counseling for my inability to control my anger before it hit the level of violence.

I am not interested in “you don’t understand the nuances.” There are no nuances.

Hitting your partner makes you a piece of filth that really should just be alone.