Sans From Undertale Is A Wrestler Now

Illustration for article titled Sans From iUndertale/i Is A Wrestler Now

Pro wrestler Kenny Omega loves anime and video games. Like most people who love both of those things, he’s also a huge fan of Undertale. During this week’s Halloween-themed All-Elite Wrestling promo, Omega, who is known for incorporating his fandom into his act, went all-in, dressing as Sans Undertale for his big entrance.


As you can see, his costume rules. He even did a whole Undertale-style cutscene to intro him! He really is a pro.

I know this is not how wrestling works, but he should wrestle in that costume, it’d be fun. I’d watch.

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Hey so this is a cool article and I hope Jim Spanfeller gets hit by a truck today

Fuckkkkkkk you, Jim.