Xbox All Access is coming back on November 18, Microsoft announced this morning. Players can spread out the cost of a console, a Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live with discounted monthly payments over two years. The base bundle starts at $19.99, and there will be the option to upgrade your Xbox All Access Xbox One X to the Project Scarlett when it launches late 2020.


Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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So if half of that goes to gamepass ($9.99/mo), then you’re getting an All-Digital Xbox One S for $10/mo, or $240 (MSRP $249) interest free... doesn’t sound too bad for an intro move to be honest.

I was really excited before realizing the Xbox one X all access was not $19.99, but in fact $30.99, which after gamepass is $21 or... $504. Which is barely just over the MSRP of $499, but interest free I guess isn’t too bad.

This is all assuming you REALLY want gamepass, which is kinda weird since if I were that interested in gaming presumably I’d already have a console, but I guess this might not be a bad upgrade for those who are more subscription minded than myself.