Discord Nitro Games Are Going Away Next Month Because Most Users Weren't Even Playing Them

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Discord announced it will be removing all games from Nitro, almost one year after adding a collection of games to the paid subscription service. On October 15, 2019, users will no longer have access to 100+ games that were included with the service.

According to a post on the official Discord blog, the removal comes down to the simple fact that not many players actually played any of the games.

Last year, Discord began offering a library of games to any users who paid for the Nitro subscription. This is a premium tier of Discord that also offers users different bonuses including larger file upload limits, streaming video options and server boosts.


After a year of reviewing data and listening to users, Discord determined that most Nitro subscribers weren’t playing the free games. So instead of renewing various contracts for these free games for another year, Discord has decided to end the Nitro games program and remove all games from the service.

Nitro and Nitro Classic, a cheaper plan with fewer options, will continue to be available and Discord is planning on adding more features to these services.

Discord also clarified that any games that users bought through Discord will still be available to play. The only games being removed are the games included with Nitro subscriptions.

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Not surprised about this, people didn’t want yet another digital distribution platform on PC, let alone a Subscription service. Most of the games on the picture for this article have been free on Twitch Prime or other services already, so there was little point to pay for Discord Nitro for this feature.