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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Yes I Am

Track: Yes I Am | Artist: MAMAMOO | Album: Purple
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If there’s one thing I’ve learned to count on with MAMAMOO, it’s that they will always keep things interesting in K-Pop land.


This four-member girl group has always marched to the beat of their own drum since their debut in 2014. A brief glance at their title tracks, from the jazzy Decalcomanie to the hip-hop inspired Gogobebe, speaks to the high level of creativity and inspiration that MAMAMOO is always able to infuse into their releases. The electro-tinged Yes I Am, the title track to their 2017 mini album Purple, is not an aberration.

Like I mentioned several months ago in my first MAMAMOO pick, the group occupies an interesting niche in K-Pop, drawing upon both fans of traditional idol group music and those who’d prefer more indie artists. MAMAMOO’s background doesn’t hurt; their pre-debut resumé includes collaborations with such vocal heavyweights like K.Will and Bumkey. As a result, the group has cultivated credibility in a wide-ranging field of music genres. (Their collaboration with K.Will, Peppermint Chocolate, is especially a banger, and you bet I’m going to talk about it soon.)

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Burt Macklin

Mamamoo is like the New Sistar now.. and I LOVE IT!!!