There’s a new trailer showing how Gigantamaxing will work in Pokémon Sword and Shield, as well some of the Galar region’s new Pokémon and trainers. Spoilers: when Pokémon Gigantamax they get as big, glowy, and even weirder. 


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Yeah. Still not getting it due to the lack of Pokemon that’ll be in it, the lack of Z Moves and the lack of Mega-Evolutions. The detail isn’t even that good when you compare it to games like Breath of the Wild. The models are basically the same as seen in Sun and Moon. They have been reused since X & Y, all the way up to Sword & Shield. This includes OR/AS, S/M, US/UM, and Let’s Go. And BTW, textures, lighting, and shading being different doesn’t mean that there are brand new models for the non-Galar Pokemon There’s no difference one iota...yet the team couldn’t port the models from those games into the Switch because...why? And to also announce a new Pokemon transfer service that is going to be charging me money, while also making it so that I’m paying money to... not be able to transfer my Pokemon ? No, is my answer. I’m not buying this.