Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Coming In March 2020

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The Final Fantasy VII remake will launch on March 3, 2020, Square Enix announced during a concert dedicated to the iconic role-playing game. We’ll see much more of it tomorrow.

First announced at E3 2015, the Final Fantasy VII remake went through a long period of silence before showing up again last month during a PlayStation event. Now, it’s back in the public eye, and will be one of the big centerpieces of Square Enix’s E3 press conference on Monday night.

A new trailer was also shown at the concert alongside the announcement:

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I’m a normally pretty reasonable person but I am going to be *THAT GUY* with this remake...

I was completely on board with this until the freakin’ spirit shadow whatevers came out and attacked Cloud and Aeris in the street. Cool. Awesome. Glad we’re just...pulling things out of our butt on this one.
I had my fears when this project was announced that they were going to take all their Nomura Bullshit(tm) from Crisis Core and Advent Children and shoehorn it somehow. I don’t really enjoy being right all the time (actually, I do who am I kidding) but in this case I’m really upset that my worst fears were coming true, even though I’ve been trying to prepare myself for The Great Mangling.