Firestorm's Terrifying V1 Rocket Makes The Game Stand Out From Other Battle Royale

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Firestorm, the gritty battle royale recently added to Battlefield V, can’t quite stand with the competition due to clumsy inventory management and UI. But it does have mass destruction, including the powerfully satisfying V1 rocket. Firestorm’s spectacle could set it apart from the pack.

The Battlefield series has always been, in part, about destruction. Crumbling buildings and massive “levolution” events that let players change the terrain remove hiding places and drastically change maps. Battlefield V cuts back on these traits in favor of faster gunplay, but there’s still a few cases where mass destruction comes into play. For Firestorm that can mean using tanks to charge entrenched enemies or tossing out a flare to call down a massive V1 rocket strike. Artillery isn’t new to the battle royale genre— PUBG famously had red zones on the map where bombardments occurred, and some of Apex Legends characters can call in their own airstrikes—but the V1 rocket surpasses all of these in scale and destructive capabilities.

This Highlight sent to us shows what a well placed V1 can do.

The airstrike is a rare item that allows players to call in a massive rocket strike by marking a target with a flare. In a small area, a well-placed V1 rocket can kill dozens of enemies and shatter the armor of anyone lucky enough to survive. There’s a big flaming circle, a few missile strikes, and then a crumbling world. It’s arguably unfair to level the playing field with one simple airstrike, and there’s a way in which the V1 might be as overpowered as Fortnite’s controversial Infinity Blade. But the scale is much larger here. One well places flare could lead to destruction that you can’t get in other battle royales. Countless enemies killed in seconds.


Battlefield has always been a series of massive battles and changing maps. As Firestorm finds itself, it might help to lean into that change and scale. Fortnite has the culture, Apex has the speed. Let Firestorm embrace spectacle.

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I don’t entirely hate the inventory management, but the looting process is terrible right now. Also, I’m pretty spoiled by the quick match turnaround time in Apex. Getting back into a Firestorm game after you die can take several minutes, which is really tough to justify when paired with games that can occasionally last less than a minute.

All that being said, it’s gorgeous and I agree that it has the spectacle down really well. Watching a V1 buzz overhead and hoping that its engine doesn’t turn off above you is really something. It’s a lot of fun, too, so I’m hoping that they can clean things up a bit.