Every Battlefield Map, Ranked According To Size

DICE senior designer Niklas Åstrand has been sharing some Battlefield facts on Twitter recently, capping them off with a chart comparing the size of every multiplayer map from the series, from the original all the way through to Battlefield V.

Halvoy is obviously top, as it’s a Battle Royale map, so it doesn’t really count. More interesting is going down the rest of the list. I’ve always thought my favourite map, Battlefield 3's Caspian Border was enormous, but turns out it actually only lands in the middle of the pack, well behind BF1, 2 and 1942 maps.


Just goes to show the kind of tricks good design can play on you. A lot of those older maps may be bigger on paper but are also emptier and required a lot of downtime while you traversed. Newer maps in the series are smaller in total area, sure, but smarter use of checkpoints and more realistic terrain can make them feel bigger.

If you want to see more like this, has broken the chart down into several different versions, including this one comparing the difference in map size between each game:

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