Bloodborne Once Had A Giant Snake Ball Boss

Data digger Lance McDonald has released a new video about a discovery from deep in the game files of Bloodborne. It is a boss named Snake Ball, and it is scary.

As McDonald explains in the video, the big snake thing is yet another unused enemy in Bloodborne, and yet it seems pretty darn complete for something that was yanked from the game before it was released.

For me, the most interesting part of the video is how McDonald had to re-assemble the boss from a few different game files. As he explains, the actual game maps lacked an AI script for the boss. However, this boss was (at some point) slated to appear in the game’s Chalice Dungeons, despite not being spawnable in them in the final release of the game. By combining the leftover AI file from the Chalice Dungeon version of the creature with the model left over in the game map, McDonald was able to “restore” the creature so that he could take some video of it in action.

What is so great about this is how much the work of “restoring” cut content to games is about taking some creative pathways to Frankenstein together something special that’s scattered across lots of game files.


I’m personally still astonished that community members are continuing to find things buried in Bloodborne, but I’m also incredibly excited to see the things they keep digging up.

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Very cool! But as with a lot of these, I can kind of see why it was cut. Sort of one note, and the strategy seems to be to find a spot the little snakes can’t hit and wail on him. Which coincidentally seems to be behind the ball, where the head can’t spit either. Kind of a messy, simple strategy when you consider the intricacies of some of the other fights like Father Gascoigne. Also not sure “big ass snakes” fit the aesthetic of the game, but that might just be personal taste.