Lord Of The Rings Fans Are Remaking The Battle For Middle Earth In Unreal Engine 4

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I was only just lamenting the fate of EA’s Lord of the Rings strategy games, and here we go: some fans are remaking Battle for Middle Earth in Unreal Engine 4, in essence creating an almost all-new game.


This new project is called The Battle for Middle-Earth: Reforged, and while it shares the same name as its official forebears, the move to a new engine has meant “all code is being rewritten completely”, which might result in some changes to how the game feels and plays compared to the originals.

The team behind it are hoping to add some new stuff like destructible terrain (and Deeping Walls) and 4K support, with a playable build planned for release in early 2019. Sadly it’s multiplayer-only for now, with a campaign “a secondary task”.

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This seems a good place to ask:

What modern games scratch the Battle For Middle Earth itch ? I haven’t been into RTS’s for years but I used to love these games because of their focus on action and big epic battles. Loved the large number of units and how awesome it all looked with soldiers flying around when hit by large endemies or powers or a Balrog suddenly bursting into battle sending everyone around him flying

I was recommended total war warhammer 2 and even got it but it’s definitely not my type of game. I didn’t like the whole turn based world map mechanic, battles honestly look and feel like a step back from BFME2 (way less detailed animations ) and as a casual RTS player everything felt too complex