What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Please consider this my Pride Week post.
Please consider this my Pride Week post.

The weekend is for it being too hot to avoid turning the air conditioner on but feeling a little guilty about it. Also, video games.


It hasn’t been an easy week for a whole host of reasons, which means I’m really looking forward to kicking back with my old stand-by, The Witcher 3. Other than that I am determined to finally learn to play Fortnite. Will I muster the courage to get past the log-in screen? Stay tuned!

What about you? What are you playing?


The Steam sale got me to buy Sleeping Dogs. On paper it’s really not my kind of game (I don’t like GTA games and such) - But I don’t know why, something just clicked for me with this game.

Maybe it’s the really fun hand-to-hand combat, maybe it’s the foreign Hong Kong city with all it’s antics, maybe it’s the story - But I’m just having a really good time!