The Games That We’ll Be Playing Forever

I’ve always been fascinated by those games that we return to over and over again. I like to refer to them as “forever games.” They are the ones you’ve either played since you were a child, the ones that feel like favorite movies you know line by line.


With new games constantly coming out, it can be hard to justify returning to an old favorite. But sometimes you just need to revisit a classic and mine new experiences out of a game you know really well.

I recently sat down with two fellow Kotaku staffers, Gita Jackson and Kirk Hamilton, to talk about our favorite forever games and why we might just be playing these on our deathbeds.

Some of ours include Dark Souls, Dwarf Fortress, Streets of Rage 2, and Stardew Valley. As an avid player of both Tetris and Lumines, I’m pretty sure Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s upcoming Tetris Effect will easily find itself in my rotation for life. The trailer’s song even says “I’m yours forever. There is no end in sight for us.”

Which games do you love to replay from time to time? Are there some games you haven’t even realized you keep installed on your PC or continue to buy over and over again on different consoles? Let me know down below.

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Had to pop in to say Chrono Trigger. Owned it on the SNES back in the late 90's, PS1, PSN where I played it on PS3, PSP, and Vita across various years, DS (preordered), mobile, and now PC, where 20+ years after beating it for the first time I’m currently going through and unlocking all the endings again.

After that It’ll be on to my other forever game, FFX, where I finally built an Arduino gadget to unlock Lulu’s weapon upgrade, since I can’t dodge lightning for crap. Just gotta waste hours doing chocobo racing now. Managed to do it once on an emulator with slomo, but never have normal speed.... oh well.