Jessica Estephan Becomes First Woman To Win A Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix

Sydney’s Jessica Estephan has become the first woman to ever win a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix at the game’s Sydney meet over the weekend.


Estephan, along with Ryan Lewis-Jonns (Sydney) and Lachlan Saunders (Canberra), emerged victorious in the Team Grand Prix from a field of 350 entries, beating rivals from Australia and New Zealand to the prize.

Magic Grand Prix have been running since 1997, so this has been a long time coming.


The winners, along with second, third and fourth place, have all earned an invitation to Magic’s Pro Tour 25th Anniversary in Minneapolis in August.

Lechlan Saunders, Ryan Lewis-Jonns and Jessica Estephan.
Lechlan Saunders, Ryan Lewis-Jonns and Jessica Estephan.
Photo: Wizards of the Coast

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Very impressive! It would be remiss to not mention the great Melissa DeTora and her top 8 at a Pro Tour, and two top 8s at GPs as well. She also now works for Wizards helping balance the game as part of their Play Design team. Very smart woman!