Battlerite’s 1.4 update is live, bringing with it plenty of gameplay tweaks and a new champion. Jamila is a Shadowblade assassin with situational abilties including counters, dashes, and long range attacks. In addition, Stunlock Studios has buffed and nerfed existing champions and rolled out its plans for Season 1.


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I just started playing this game today, per the recommendation of a friend. I invited my League friends to play it... one of them hates it to death, and the other thinks it’s a’ight. For me, it’s like everything I love in a MOBA. It’s so much fun.
This new chick is very strong. It’s satisfying to outplay her, but she’s... really annoying otherwise. But cool. Very cool. She looks straight outta Wakanda, too, so that’s sick.

More people need to play this game. Totally worth. Pretty generous for a F2P game, too.