K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Bonamana

Track: Bonamana | Artist: Super Junior | Album: Bonamana
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Every K-Pop fan has that one song that sucked them in. I have three. For the next three columns, I’ll be sharing them with you. This is the first: Super Junior’s 2010 release, Bonamana.


I still vividly remember playing this music video over and over, entranced at their precise footwork. K-Pop prides itself on taking idol group coordination to a whole new level; Super Junior was one of the earliest acts to really make that aspect a selling point.

Music and dancing aside, Super Junior has a long and winding history nearly worthy of a K-drama in itself, filled with near-fatal car accidents, bloody fanwars, and political intrigue (if you want to rile up a Super Junior fan, ask them about Han Geng). Despite all of the drama, though, they’ve put out a steady stream of music that ranges from merely good to era-defining.

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Aww, come on, if we’re talking about Super Junior we have to include Sorry, Sorry too. It’s probably THE entry point into Kpop (boybands and otherwise) for millions of people. It’s inescapable if you’re a teenager in Asia at the time.

It’s too catchy it’s dangerous.