K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Ballerino

Track: Ballerino | Artist: Leessang (feat. Ali) | Album: Black Sun
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I suppose this technically falls under the purview of K-hip hop, but you’ll find fans discussing all sorts of Korean music under the broad umbrella of “K-Pop”.


Which is great for us, because Leessang has put out some great, great music over the years before they disbanded recently. If you like what you hear, I encourage you to check out some of their other classics, like Clown, I’m Not Laughing, and the evocatively titled The Woman Who Can’t Break Up, The Man Who Can’t Leave.

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I thought that when Gary left Running Man, that meant the possibility of Leessang having a comeback and releasing more quality music.

What i did not expect is for Gary to marry and have a kid and for Gil to have a 2nd drunk drvimg scandal...sigh.