Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Nintendo Switch players were not happy after an ugly placeholder icon for Owlboy showed up on the eshop. Several discussions about it blew up on Reddit and Twitter because Switch owners take game icons very seriously. Owlboy being a gorgeous game, however, D-Pad Studio has a new icon on the way.


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Me to other people:
“You know, I really enjoy gaming and over the years it has become one of my favourite forms of entertainment. I love the interactivity of it and I feel more immersed and attached to the world and characters in these games than most movies or books. They have allowed me to, in a way, experience things you normally can’t in your daily life and I really agree with the idea that games can be seen as art. The level of passion and dedication I’ve seen from some of the these developers, specially the ones making smaller and independent games, has been nothing but inspiring and many of the development stories I’ve heard have influenced me in my professional life. I’ve had tons of great experiences I’ll never forget while playing games.
Not to mention that I’ve met a lot of great friends through gaming (some of which don’t play them anymore) and while stories of trolling and harassment are common I think games are equally good at brining people together.”

Meanwhile on the internet:
“People losing their shit because they don’t like the icon of a game”