One of Fallout 4's most popular mods is getting an expansion. Sim Settlements, which has been downloaded over a million times, lets you direct settlers in the construction of their own unique, living towns that they, not you, build. The expansion will add more personality and variety to that system. It looks so good that I’m actually kinda interested in Fallout 4 again, which is a feat unto itself.


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About six months I decided to take another crack at Fallout 4 with a shit ton of mods added in because it’s traditional to mod bethseda games until they break. I added in Sim Settlements thinking it might make the settlements marginally more interesting than they were at launch.

I made it far enough in the story to get Nick Valentine, but not much further because I wasn’t playing fallout 4, I was playing Sim Settlements. It takes what was arguably the worst feature of Fallout 4 and makes it incredibly fun and engrossing.

Everyone who owns Fallout 4 should give the mod a go, and Bethseda should be taking notes, if not outright hiring the modder responsible.