The upcoming Switch version of Doom won’t come with multiplayer on the cartridge, Bethesda told Engadget. You’ll have to download a free update to play with other people. SnapMap, the game’s level editor, won’t be available at all on Switch. These are the sacrifices we make to play games on the go, huh?

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Gotta echo the other two comments already on this article.

DOOM 2016 was excellent in many, many ways—but almost all of them were related to its single-player component. The multiplayer, while serviceable, ultimately felt like a relic of bygone years—and as much as it would’ve been amazing in the LAN days of the 90s, it just doesn’t hold up now.

Like, at all.

So, no great loss.

As for SnapMap—I’m not sure someone wanting to play DOOM on the go would be in a big hurry to be making maps during their play time. I may well be wrong, as preferences differ amongst individuals—but personally, I just don’t see it.