180-Degree Gaming With The J-Dome

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This is John Nilsson's J-Dome, a projector-based screen that's the result of some nifty ideas concerning field of vision. Wrapped around you like a lowered umbrella, the J-Dome promises to give the player a whopping 180-degree field of vision, as opposed to the standard 15-20 degrees you enjoy from a flatscreen monitor/TV, meaning you'll be able to see stuff in the corner of your eye without having to actually point you character in that direction. While the screen itself is a little dorky, the experience looks mighty promising, and is expected to cost around $150-$200 (excluding projector, obviously). Vid's after the jump if you'd like to see exactly how it works. Those not interested will still enjoy Nilsson's salesmanship.


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(Here, I'll repost what I wrote when this was posted over at Gizmodo:)

Meh, unless it actually improves your vision of the game, then it's useless. He's just stretching the default view out to accomodate 180 degrees of vision rather than adding extra screen space to the viewable area and stretching that out. This system would actually give you a disadvantage because you'd be seeing less of the game in focus.

It's a nice concept, but it just needs a bit more polishing.