Gears of War 4 gets a big Horde mode update today and the addition of Inconceivable and Ironman difficulty modes. More details here. Who’s keeping up with the game? Are you enjoying it? Are the updates what you’re looking for?


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As a longtime fan of this series, I was disappointed by horde mode in this game.

My experience has been spend 9 waves of horde building and perfecting a base of operations, spend one boss wave watching a nearly unkillable boss monster destroy all of your stuff while you run around the map sinking bullets into it as it chases you.

The boss waves just felt totally incongruous with the rest of the experience. Most of the bosses invalidated cover by jumping or being huge, then closed to melee and, as I said, ruined all the stuff you had built in the pervious 9 rounds. I just don’t get it.