Grand Theft Auto Onlineā€™s Tiny Racers update, releasing next week, applies a little historical perspective to the gameā€™s stunt racing, a callback to the seriesā€™ top-down origins.

Before Grand Theft Auto III intruduced us all to free-roaming vehicle thievery in 3D the series was all about the top-down perspective. Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto II and the two ā€˜60s-style Grand Theft Auto: London games all took place from the topside looking in.

We got another taste of top-down GTA with 2009's Chinatown Wars for the PSP and DS, but for the most part itā€™s been third-person 3D ever since.

Well, until next weekā€™s Tiny Racers update. The overhead perspective brings back many fond memories, and itā€™s sure to generate plenty of news ones as well.

The update drops on April 25. Head over to Rockstar Gamesā€™ website for more info.