Twitch is rolling out support for 1080p and 60 fps streaming. For esports heads especially, this is good news. Viewers can now choose a higher stream quality, so they’ll see every little detail of every silly Overwatch play. 

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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60fps helps the presentation of literally everything. While it’s common sense that twitch shooters are going to see a huge benefit right off the bat, space games like Elite Dangerous will as well, because just as shooters require 60fps to reproduce fast motion, games like Elite require it for a combination of fast motion and fidelity of motion; when you’ve got 9DOF motion plus headlook to contend with, you really need that 60fps just to keep track of what the hell is going on with your POV, let alone what you’re looking at!

Even retro console games are best viewed at 60fps... All those animations are designed to play frame for frame, and they run at 60fps. Depending on the method of frame decimation to get down to 30, you could end up with a situation where a flashing sprite completely Mario after he gets hit. If it’s skipping frames instead of blending, there’s a 50/50 chance Mario disa-fuckin-ppears.

Now if only Twitch and YouTube (Especially YouTube...) would support multichannel audio... I go to SO MUCH TROUBLE to capture all eight channels of audio when I play my games— and in a game like Elite Dangerous, surround is fucking glorious; as a ship erupts into a momentary fireball in front of you followed by a cloud of debris, and you hear each and every piece pass within dozens of meters of your hull moving at half a klick per second relative velocity...that’s the shit —and the second I upload those videos to YouTube, it’s gone...even if I mux the audio in as DTS or AC3 or something. God damn you, YouTube! I wanna share this shit with people!!!