Radiant Historia is getting a Nintendo 3DS full remake called Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. It will feature a new scenario and is slated for release in Japan on June 29. No word if an international release is coming.


Platypus Man

I liked the idea of Radiant Historia more than I liked the actual game. Time travel, multiple timelines, turn-based JRPG, awesome. My biggest problem was that there were too many battles and they took waaaay too long, just getting from point A to point B started to feel like a boring slog. The battles weren’t difficult, they just ruined the flow and ultimately made me not want to play the game.

If this remake tweaks any of that, I may give it a shot. If not, I hope you guys have fun! I know a lot of people loved it but it also wasn’t very well-known, so if this brings the joy to more people I have no issue.