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Overwatch Glitch Lets Mercy Unleash Her Inner Phoenix

In the latest version of Overwatch, using Mercy’s “hello” emote while floating through the sky can yield some wicked results.


The discovery was shared on Reddit by user Rosilia who was able to help the beloved healer nearly double her wing span and also make it glow bright green by quickly deploying the emote while gliding downward. While hard to see from the first person perspective, in third person the Gundam-like laser wings are something to behold.

For users trying to recreate her findings, Rosilia explained what she did: 

I basically jump and hold down space, and quickly let go to say hello with the communication wheel before holding space again.

I did this for about ten minutes and every time was successful. I haven’t tested it out with the keybinded version yet though.


Blizzard will no doubt patch it eventually, but meanwhile it has me pining for a Mercy skin somewhere between the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero and one of the Evangelion mech suits. An alternate super that lets her tear up the battlefield like Phoenix-possessed Jean Grey wouldn’t be bad either.

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Vanilla Wing Zero for Mercy? No, Ethan. Wing Zero Custom. ‘dem wings.