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PS4 Update 4.5 Goes Live Tomorrow With 'Boost Mode' For PS4 Pros

Illustration for article titled PS4 Update 4.5 Goes Live Tomorrow With Boost Mode For PS4 Prosem/em

PlayStation 4's Software Update 4.50 comes out tomorrow. We’ll finally see external hard drive support, as well as boost mode for the Pro.


Some of the changes were detailed when the patch went into beta, such as custom wallpapers and a simplified notification list. The PS4 Pro will get boost mode, though it won’t be available for all games. According to the blog post, this should provide better frame rate and possibly shorter load times for certain games.


Tomorrow’s patch will also bring updates to some apps, such as making it easier to check PSN server status from the Communities app. Voice chat has been added for remote play, as well as more ways to communicate that you’re away from your system. PS VR should also see some improved resolution in Cinematic Mode and when returning to the home screen.

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And still no username change feature...