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Project Cars 2 is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in late 2017. Crowdfunding on Slightly Mad Studio’s racing sim sequel began in 2015, months after the first game’s release. Expect more than 170 cars, 60 tracks, online championships and new racing disciplines to master.


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Did they ever even finish fixing Project CARS 1? I was waiting for that game with bated breath and bought on day 1, but it was so horribly broken. I mean to the point where it would start you on a race facing backwards on the grid. Or you’d be on lap 40 of an enduro and then suddenly slam into an invisible wall and fly into the stratosphere. Poorly optimized too, even on a 980Ti it struggled as soon as any weather effects started. The game could have been so good, and even though it’s still the best-looking racing sim out, the many technical problems ruined it for me. I went back to Assetto Corsa and never went back to Project CARS.