Titanfall 2's tech test has started a second weekend of testing on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Earlier this week, Respawn Entertainment promised key changes after mixed reception to the first weekend test. Movement speed has been increased and players will enjoy more time in their Titans now their mech’s spawn meeter partially fills up over time. Players will also get to test a new 6v6 game mode called “Amped Hardpoint” and play on a new map, Forward Base Kodai.


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Brandon Knieriem

I just played around 3 hours of the beta and there are still some major concerns. The wall running speed has been restored but map design means we have limited opportunities to hit more than 2 surfaces before being grounded again. TTK is a bit high and I still ache for the original rodeo design as I usually only get one rodeo in per life and we need two to take down a Titan.