And now a contender for funniest game of 2016: Genital Jousting, an experience that lets you play as a literal dick butt. Iā€™m serious.

NSFW warning, obviously.

The goal is simple: get the dick into a butt. Up to 8 players can participate, and anytime penetration occurs, everybody involved gets points. Genital Jousting may be multiplayer, but it is not ā€˜competitiveā€™ inasmuch as it is feel-good. Makes sense, really.

Man. Those sound effects are something else, huh? My favorite thing about this, however, is that the game looks like something that could have been cooked up by Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy). Itā€™s not, though. Genital Jousting is the handiwork of Evan Greenwood, Martin Kvale, Daniel SchĆ¼ler, Jarred Lun and Jonathan Hau-Yoon. Originally conceived at a game jam in Berlin last year, Genital Jousting will get a full-on release sometime April 2016.