Hungry? How about a nice serving of delicious Dragon Balls. You know, from Dragon Ball. A restaurant in Japan serves up just that.

Located in Nagoya, Danke Dinning serves up Dragon Ball-themed hot pots (鍋 or “nabe” in Japanese).


[Photo: akaki_tya]

[Photo: kenjixxx360]

Here is the nabe before the meat and veggies are cooked.


[Photo: erithebeth]

The Dragon Balls are made from collagen jelly with little carrot stars molded into the balls. The resulting dish is known as “Dragon Ball Nabe.”


[Photo: onepiece531119]

It looks like it even appeared on Japanese television.


[Photo: ebony427]

You could try to make your own, but that might be difficult.


[Photo: gokupontasu]

Top photo: dadakone0310

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