Today’s big Destiny patch brings an immediately noticeable change: Actor Peter Dinklage’s famously mediocre performance as little robot Ghost has been entirely replaced by with new audio from veteran voice actor Nolan North. Good news: North sounds great.

Polygon won the ‚ÄúWhich gaming site can make the first comparison video?‚ÄĚ race, putting together this thorough compilation/comparison of Ghost‚Äôs best-known lines as read by both actors:

Some of the differences are subtle, some are more pronounced. The overall effect is remarkable: Nolan‚Äôs Ghost is easier to understand and carries his lines better more deliberately than Dinklage did. North‚Äôs line readings are also more consistent, while Dinklage‚Äôs often came in at different levels and sounded like they were recorded in different places. North even manages to (sort of) add some shine to unsalvageable classics like ‚ÄúCareful, its power is dark.‚ÄĚ

It’ll be nice to hear Ghost chattering again after he was so conspicuously silent during the last two expansions. I’ll have more thorough impressions of the 2.0 update as soon as I’ve played more.

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