Maybe you've played Ocarina of Time before. Maybe you've watched some speedruns of the game, too. But Ocarina of Time has so many glitches, there is still plenty in the game that you've probably never seen before.

If you have seventeen minutes to spare, you should definitely watch this video by A+Start—it highlights the best and strangest glitches in Ocarina of Time, such as:

  • Two ways to to escape Kokiri forest early.
  • The infinite sword glitch, which allows Link's sword to be constantly active. This means you cut things without actually needing to swing at them. Woah.
  • The super slide, which lets Link travel way faster.
  • How to get to the bottom of the well in Kakariko Village early (and subsequent glitches you can do once in the well.)
  • How to grab bombchus early (which requires falling through the map at a certain point in the game.)
  • How to obtain the Master Sword without opening the Door of Time.
  • How to steal the fishing rod.
  • A weird bottle glitch called "reverse bottle adventure"—which lets you do things like equip glitched bomb bags and quivers. This, in turn, lets you do strange stuff like be able to pick up the archery guy. Did you know that NPCs behind desks don't have legs?
  • How to get light arrows early.
  • How to make Link look like he's pulling out an invisible chest out of someone's butt.
  • How to play any item as an ocarina.
  • How to play as swordless Link, which lets you use the hookshot in absurd ways.
  • How to make Link swim outside of water.
  • How to skip a good chunk of the forest temple.
  • How to use an out-of-bounds glitch to float to the start of the water temple (plus, how to skip a good chunk of the temple entirely).
  • How to make Link invisible.
  • How to do an out of bounds glitch at Ganon's tower, which lets you skip the trials.

My favorites would have to be the more ridiculous ones—like the first one, which you initiate by making a poor guy fall through the ground, or the invisible butt chest one, which is funny.

What about you?

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Glitches - Son Of A Glitch - Episode 23 [A+ Start]