Bravely Default Sequel Trailer Torments America

We still don’t know if Bravely Second—the sequel to Bravely Default—is even coming out in the West, let alone whether it’s coming this year. Sadness. But hey, at least there’s this new trailer for the game.

Which might actually make you sadder, so...sorry? Bravely Second is out in Japan next month. The first one was very, very good.

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Okay, here is an honest question; why don’t companies like SE and Nintendo make games that are localized from the onset? In other words, they have English speaking correspondents in Japan, right? They have actors who can speak English, and work in commercials, anime and games, right? Why don’t these companies develop the vocal track/English text alongside the Japanese text, saving themselves countless hours and money? I am genuinely curious. If you know that the game will eventually be localised, why not do it from the get?